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Arts Enterprise serves its members in the following ways:

  • is a valuable resource that includes all of the relevant information about the AE network.

  • Annual Summit—The AE Summit (held this year in Kansas City, MO) addresses chapter growth strategies and the overarching creative entrepreneurship movement.  The summit is open to all students, faculty, staff, and professionals.

  • AEIdeas—AEIdeas is a members based program dedicated to finding, developing, and supporting creative businesses and the entrepreneurs who launch them

  • Jobs & Internships—This program allows Arts Enterprise members to find jobs and internships that lay at the intersection of business and the arts.  Our goal is to provide our creatively minded members with opportunities to explore various career options.

  • AE Professional—A professional Ning social network exclusively for the AE membership.

  • Advocacy—We advocate for the development of student-led, creative entrepreneurship on college campuses across the country.

The cost to join AE as a student member is $25 per year and the cost to join as a professional member is $50. Paid membership allows full access to all of the features on the AE website including AEIdeas and our Jobs and Internships program; it allows you to join our AE social network; and it allows discounted registration fees to the annual summit. If you would like to join, please click here.




Upon becoming a member of AE, you have the opportunity to immediately take part in your chapter’s activities.  Some AE members prefer to simply attend programmatic activities held through their chapter while others join in order to have the opportunity to lead their own programmatic functions.  The opportunities available to you as a chapter member are endless.  There are five areas that define our members and, in turn, guide the mission of the AE organization.  Listed below, these areas define the reasons why most individuals become a part of our national network of chapters:

Arts Enterprise Members are Entrepreneurs

Our members seek to capitalize on the opportunities provided by their community and environment, effectively maximizing resources and impact while minimizing cost.  This entrepreneurial approach enables members to develop sustainable programs and learn in an environment that empowers them to be independent thinkers and continue to develop ideas in our conceptual economy.

Arts Enterprise Members are Leaders

Arts Enterprise actively seeks out students who can lead in a way that positively affects those around them. This trait of leadership is essential for any aspiring entrepreneur and Arts Enterprise can help students hone this valuable skill. By giving students control over the organization, from administrative structures to programmatic development, all student members have the opportunity to take a very active role in the organization—a benefit to membership that they will carry with them for years to come.

Arts Enterprise Members are Creative Thinkers

AE members may come from a variety of backgrounds and degree concentrations, but all members share a desire for creativity.  Both business and arts students identify the value of creativity and implement it into their work with Arts Enterprise. This gives students the power to make a significant impact on their campus and in their community, while taking responsibility for their own learning and ideas.

Arts Enterprise Members are Engaged in the Community

AE members work tirelessly to develop and implement creative initiatives in partnership with institutions, businesses and nonprofits throughout their region and across the country.

Arts Enterprise Members Are Dedicated to the Blending of Business and the Arts

Our members seek career entry points into the business and arts worlds by working with national business leaders, artists, and school administrators to create a platform for working across disciplines.


Note:  All chapter members must register with AE, preferably as dues-paying members, but at least as newsletter members. The AE team has developed a series of PowerPoint presentations, brochures, marketing tools and chapter press kits which have been placed on the AE website for dues paying members.


AE encourages individual membership with the central organization in order to grow and connect its national network.  This will create a large-scale community of like-minded people as well as help sustain AE both financially and in spirit.  Although individual members will primarily work on the chapter level, membership with AE will bring a greater understanding of the organizations mission to educate, promote, and support emerging leaders who utilize the arts and business to create social growth and sustainable ventures.  Registration with AE also allows you to connect with current and former members through our alumni database.